Dogs For Good - helping dogs help people with disabilities

From 15 October 2015, the charity 'Dogs for the Disabled'  will become Dogs for Good, with a new and much bolder presentation of the charityís work, focusing on all the good that can be achieved by bringing people and dogs together.

UK Registered Charity no.700454

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Some time ago, we met a former colleague of Maureen's who had suffered a severe disability and who had received some amazing help and support from Dogs For the Disabled (now renamed Dogs For Good), a wonderful and important registered charity which we are delighted to support.                             

Dogs for the Disabled was set up in 1986 by Frances Hay, a dog lover, who was herself disabled through the crippling disease bone cancer.

Frances found that her own dog, Kim, could be trained to carry out tasks that she found increasingly difficult to do.

Following her sad death at the early age of 41, friends and family continued with this work, realising the value and happiness brought by a dog trained to help disabled people.

Dogs for the Disabled became a UK registered charity in 1988.

Dogs for the Disabled provides trained dogs that promote independence for people with disabilities by building mutually beneficial partnerships which respect the needs of both client and dog.

Dogs are trained to do many tasks that are often very difficult or impossible for disabled people, but which are so crucial to enjoy the independence that most of us take for granted.

These include:

  • Retrieving a range of items including cordless telephones, letters and newspapers from the letterbox and picking up articles dropped accidentally, such as keys and pens

  • Opening and closing doors

  • Activating switches and alarms

  • Pulling washing out of a washing machine and fetching groceries in a shopping basket

  • Through the use of a special harness, helping a person with balance difficulties to walk without a walking frame or stick

The Dogs for the Disabled national training centre and head office is a purpose built facility near Banbury in Oxfordshire. This was opened in January 2000 and contains the very best facilities for dog care and training, as well as facilities for clients to live and train with their dogs.

There are also satellite training centres at Exeter and Middlesbrough.


You can do so by visiting their website at and make an online donation.

Dogs for the Disabled
The Frances Hay Centre
Blacklocks Hill
Banbury Oxon
OX17 2BS

Telephone: 01295 252600



Daniel George and Yogi - Crufts 2006 Friends for Life Winner

 Unlike most boys his age, Daniel (age 12) canít just get up and go anywhere that he chooses as he has a severe condition called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, which affects and limits every aspect of Danielís life. He is only the third child in the UK to have an assistance dog trained especially for him as part of the Dogs for the Disabled childrenís project. Yogi a three year old, chocolate Labrador has improved Danielís confidence and independence incredibly as Daniel doesnít have to rely on other people all the time to help him with every day tasks from helping him undress to turning off his bedroom light when he goes to bed. Yogi has become a new and positive focus for Daniel and his family. Daniel has a new friend and helper, his brother and sister have a rough and tumble play-mate and his mum has someone that makes her smile.


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